Ecodesign regulations

Save Stage Lighting
#SaveStageLighting is NOT a relaunch of the earlier #SaveTungsten campaign

The aim is much more profound - to protect the future of venues, theatres and shows across Europe from an enormous threat being posed by the European Union's (EU) proposal of the "Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019" regulation.

This has the potential to harm everyone from technicians, actors and designers to, ultimately, audience members. The consequences of failure would be catastrophic to the entertainment industry and European culture.


There are a plethora of resources to read from both the PLASA website and the ALD website (including a helpful, short "Ten Point Summary" on the ALD website), which we urge you to review.

We want to share four quick thoughts:

1) The proposed EU regulations affect all aspects of Entertainment Lighting for everyone within Europe (including the latest LED luminaires from leading industry manufactures).

2) It is very clear that the overall intent of the EU's proposal is to be congratulated, and in line with Eaton's vision for a sustainable future through the use of power management technologies and service.

3) However, our understanding is, when applied specifically to the Entertainment Industry, some areas of the regulations will result in a negative environmental impact, accompanied by a financial burden too high for most of our customers to fulfil. We believe other parts of the regulation are restricted by scientific, physical limitations we are unable to solve.

4) We'd like to see a specific Impact Assessment on the Entertainment Industry before this regulation is approved. This has happened for other industries (such as Video Projection and Sports Lighting), and is required due to the specific and unique nature of our business.