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ZerOS is the operating system for all premium lighting consoles from Zero 88

Included with ZerOS is the latest Zero 88 fixture library. This comprehensive library includes details about colours on fixed wheels, gobo images and position information enabling ZerOS consoles to present a unified set of controls, regardless of the fixture being controlled.

Phantom ZerOS is an offline editor for the ZerOS consoles and provides full desk functionality from a standard Windows PC. Show files can be loaded from USB, manipulated using the standard desk controls and then re-saved as required. With the purchase of an unlock dongle, Phantom ZerOS can also be unlocked as a tracking backup solution to the main desk.

Release software

Public beta

Please remember that you run beta software at your own risk. This software has not yet completed our testing procedures. If you are going to load a showfile onto beta software, please keep an original version of the showfile safe, encase the beta software saves data that can not be read on a previous release version of software.

Key features*

  • Quick & simple three-step programming method
  • Playbacks (equivalent of Cue Stacks, Submasters or Chases)
  • Flexible channel allocation across 64 universes
  • Colour / Image Picker, Filter Libraries & “Moodboards by LEE Filters”
  • Referencing palettes for Intensity, Colour, Beam, Position & Effects
  • Pan/Tilt Grid & Gobo images
  • Use RigSync to patch, configure and monitor RDM devices
  • Free mobile apps for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS & Android
  • Networking (including sACN, Art-Net 4 & CITP)
  • Support for Media servers and Visualisation packages
  • Show control - MIDI (Notes, Show Control & Timecode) & SMPTE / LTC
  • Triggers - Real time clock, Contact closure, DMX In
  • Support for external multi-touch monitors
  • Auto save - never loose any data in a power outage
  • Full Tracking Backup
  • Patented & Award Winning

View the online interactive ZerOS manual

ZerOS Manual

Mobile Apps

ZerOS Remote

ZerOS Remote enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows from your smart phone or tablet. It's especially useful during a focus session.

The Apple Watch app acts as a quick, easy, and safe focus remote, providing access to channels and groups with tools such as highlight and RemDim.

Zeros Remote
Mobile Apps

ZerOS Monitor

ZerOS Monitor connects to any Zero 88 lighting console running ZerOS, and emulates an additional external touchscreen monitor, but wirelessly through your tablet or laptop over WiFi. (Click here for ZerOS Monitor for Windows).

Ipad Laptop

ZerOS Universe Upgrade

FLX & FLX S consoles can be upgraded in individual universe increments using an online upgrade system, ensuring your console is fully future-proofed.


Capture Demo Pack

Download example showfiles and interactive visualisation presentations curtesy of Capture, all free of charge. These are ideal for learning how to use ZerOS.

Imac Wvisualiser 3

Legacy software

*Available features are dependent on the console that's running ZerOS. Not all consoles include all features.