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Splitter 8

Fix Switch


Normal splitter operation is achieved by setting the switch on the front of the product to ‘Split’. In splitter mode, the outputs operate as bi-directional RDM ports and all DMX data received is passed onto the outputs.

Alternatively, set the switch to ‘Fix’ if you are experiencing product compatibility problems. Unfortunately, there are numerous products on the market that will not accept the wide range of legal DMX timings and data. Fix mode attempts to clean-out any unusual or non-standard timing and data before sending to the output. This includes stripping out all non-zero start codes (including RDM), forcing a 512-channel footprint and calming any timing jitter.

The detailed fix specification is as follows:

  • Accepts and corrects break in range 56 μs – 1000 μs and outputs 250 μs
  • Accepts and corrects MaB in range 5 μs – 1000 μs and outputs 30 μs
  • Accepts and corrects MbB in range 0 μs – 1000 μs and outputs 30 μs
  • Accepts channel count 1 – 512 and outputs 512
  • Accepts refresh period from 23 ms – 1000 ms and outputs 30ms
  • Filters out multiple consecutive breaks
  • Re-times bytes of 1 stop bit to 2 stop bits
  • Filters out all non-zero start code packets
  • Re-times digital signal