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Mood Boards Colour Information

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Is the colour selected for a fixture in a cue recorded as data so I can go back to a scene and see what colour I used so I can use it for another cue ? I find Mood Boards easy to select colours, but at present I write down what colours I used for a fixture in a scene as I tend to use the same range of colours through a musical.

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Essentially, Mood Boards are just shortcuts to colour values. Therefore if you apply a mood board, and then record this to a cue, you are just recording raw colour values, with no reference to the mood board you used.

If you wish to keep track of the colours you are using in your cues, I would recommend using colour palettes. You can therefore record the mood boards you wish to use as your own colour palettes, and then these can be used to record your cues. This means you can easily update your colour palettes, and any cues that used them will be updated too. It also saves you having to keep finding the colours you need within the different moods.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.


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6 minutes ago, DALX said:

Is it the location information of where a colour swatch is located is stored in a show, not the colour, so if you change the colour in a colour swatch location, all of your cues containing that colour will update ?

When you apply a palette to some fixtures, you will see you get the palette code displayed on the encoders, such as "C20" for colour palette 20. If you then record a cue, the cue records the fact those parameters are using palette 20 - they do not record the raw parameter values. This allows you to update palettes, and any cues recorded using the palette, will have updated too.

More information here...


If you have any questions let me know.


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