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German Elation Sixbar 1000 79chanel

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Hallo ich hoffe ich kann auch in Deutsch schreiben.

ich habe irgendwie folgendes Problem. Ich betreibe insgesamt 4 elation Sixbar 1000 an einer FLX. Ich kann sie auch hinzufügen zwar als 1000IP aber meines Wissens müssten diese ja die gleichen Funktionen haben unterscheiden sich nur in der Wasserdichtigkeit.


Mein Problem ist folgendes, wenn ich den fader einer Bar hoch ziehe bleibt diese dunkel und ich muss in Color jeder Lampe einzeln eine Farbe zuweisen das das nach 12 mal einstellen alle Lichter leuchten. Kennt von euch jemand dieses Problem oder eine Lösung wie ich es Löse.


Gruß Michi

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Fixture definition looks correct. This is (unfortunately) how FLX handles "pixel"-devices right now. You have to go through all 18 color-pages for accessing every LED. Additionally FLX-effects (like rainbow, chaser, ...) can not be applied.

If you need access to every single LED you have to assign every LED to one fader, which will take 12 (or more, if you want dimmer, strobe, ...) DMX channels. Patching is tricky, and for 4 devices you would need 48 faders. Maybe you should use same DMX-address for all 4 devices. Will need less faders (12, 14), but of course all devices will do the same.

Maybe try using a more "powerful" mode of your devices, with less DMX-channels, and using more of built-in-macros of your device. Can also result in nice effects.

If needed, I could answer in German, too.



Btw, this is only experience of a new user, so if this is not correct, please forgive me 😉

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If this is a "multi-cell" device, then the current recommended approach is to have two fixture definitions: 1st definition has all of the "master" controls that affect all cell (e.g. master dimmer, strobe), 2nd definition has the "cell" parameters (e.g. R,G,B,W). One instance of the "master" is patched as a fixture, then one "cell" is patched for each segment of the device. In this way you are able to use the Palettes and Effects section across the whole multi-part fixture.

Looking at the spec for the Elation sixbar 1000, you would have a fixture defined for RGBAW+UV and instance it 12 times. Plus one instance of the "master" section will mean that one of these units will look like 13 fixtures. You will then have full control of each segment of the fixture and can apply palettes and effects across it.

Improving this user interface I understand requires ZerOS to be changed to support a different library format (Carallon library). I understand this work is well advanced but users have been waiting some time (.....) for this update.

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