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Hi Josh,

9 hours ago, Joshdd said:

I was wondering can I use a laptop with a touch screen as an external monitor and how would I connect it to the board would it be with a hdmi to dvi cable or through and router and I It works with the cable do i need a USB cable as well 

Yes you certainly can connect a touch screen laptop to FLX S. You’ll be able to connect the console and your laptop with a single Ethernet cable, and then run the ZerOS Remote Monitor software on your laptop.

Information on how to connect your laptop to give you an external screen can be found here...


If you have any queries with this just let me know. 


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hi im having issues with my external touchscreen to connect to the flx s24 desk ive downloaded the latest software for windows and the desk but just get a connection error can any one help or point me in the direction of even a video to show setup step by step to make sure im not missing anything

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Hi Lloyd,

Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum.

14 hours ago, lightninglloyd said:

ive downloaded the latest software for windows and the desk but just get a connection error

Please see the link below, containing information on using the Windows Remote application with FLX S24...


If you wish to connect a laptop running ZerOS Monitor to the FLX S24, you will be able to use a single Ethernet cable between the two. Using this method, you will need to configure static IP addresses in range of one another, for both the FLX S24 and laptop running ZerOS Monitor. For more information on IP addressing, see the link below...


If you have any questions please let me know.


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