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  1. Hi David,

    Many thanks for posting that’s great to see. 

    For reference, it is also worth mentioning that CTRL + F1 through to CTRL + F6 on an external keyboard, mimic the first 6 remote switch triggers. 


  2. Hi Jolyon,

    The console software application is the ZerOS OS Creator USB - v7.9.5 17-5-2019 MD.exe. Please try downloading again from the link, and follow the install instructions available in the release notes here...



    Let me know how you get on. 


  3. Hi Rigo,

    The Reset DMX Outputs option in Setup will temporarily reset the DMX outputs for a few seconds, and then return the output to the previous values.

    More information can be found in the manual here...


    You therefore should be able to use the console as normal without loosing show data or requiring a software update. If you have tried doing this and experienced issues, try power cycling the console.

    Hope this helps,


  4. Hi Romec,

    1 hour ago, Romec said:

    1: if I made a macro. Can I change it afterwords? And can I see the command-feedback (so that I know what I did) 

    When macros have been programmed, they can't be edited. When you recall a macro, you will see the commands being typed in the command line. If you wish you can slow the playback speed. To do this hold SETUP and tap the Macro tile in the macros window, and from the Speed drop down choose Slow.

    2 hours ago, Romec said:

     2: so a macro can only contain 1 string of commands, right? 

    Macros can include as many button presses as you wish.

    2 hours ago, Romec said:

     3: what would be the right syntax if I would overwrite a preset? (EG: fixture X at preset Y , store / overwrite) 

    If you wanted this to be a macro, you would tap RECORD -> MACRO -> 1 -> Commands -> [fixture number] -> [attribute key followed by palette number] -> RECORD -> [attribute key followed by palette number you wish to overwrite] -> ENTER -> MACRO.


  5. Hi Romec,

    When recording a macro, you have the option to record keys, or commands. If you choose commands, anything that gets written in the command line will be stored, until you press the MACRO button. Then when you recall the macro, all commands will be replayed as a single string.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Hi Olly,

    OK thanks for confirming. 

    Yes keep me updated on the return - feel free to email if you wish. 

    Will let you know what the issue is. Again really sorry you've experienced this fault, if there's anything we can do let me know.


  7. Hello,

    16 minutes ago, O Thompson said:

    However... i have left the desk to do this for the past couple of hours, and now i have returned to it, the desk seems stable again. I'm going to monitor the issue for the remainder of the day, and test again tomorrow to see if i can replicate the issue... if not, then im stumped as to why it now functions, although a little apprehensive about it acting up again during a show. 

    OK thanks for the information. This sounds like it could be an intermittent power issue, however we haven't seen anything like this before. 

    If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email or give us a call.


  8. Hi Olly,

    Really sorry to hear this.

    I believe you have spoken to Keith on the phone regarding this.

    So to confirm, you have created a bootable USB drive with ZerOS 7.9.5. Booting the console boots into the install screen, where you can perform the installation. When complete, power cycle, and the console sometimes boots correctly?

    Please try repeating this process, however with ZerOS 7.9.4, available here...

    If this still hasn't solved the problem, please go back to Hawthorn, who if necessary will be able to send it back to us for investigation.

    The battery shouldn't have anything to do with the issue. 

    Feel free to continue the conversation over email if that's easier.

    Kind regards


  9. Hello,

    Many thanks for the information regarding the FERAM Write failure. We will take a look into this.

    I am not sure why your console isn't displaying the U-boot or Q7 information, which in that picture should be lines of text between "Co-Processor Firmware" and "NVR Location". However as your picture shows the serial number I can get this information from there.

    I have added this to our issue log, as reference number ZOS-8639.

    If you have any queries let me know.



  10. Morning,

    Hmm interesting. I presume after power cycling there was no offer to save a debug file? If you tap Z -> System Information -> System Text, and scroll through the text, are there any error messages/ text that isn't white? If you then tap back to Desk Info, there's a line of text starting with "Q7", and after a "PN", there should be "HW:B_". What is the number here?

    Kind regards,


  11. Hi Jolyon,

    Good to hear you have a FLX S48 for your theatre.

    The console name in System Settings by default simply lists the console's serial number. You can however change this name to something more useful if you wish. This name is what the console appears as over a network.

    You can find your current software version by tapping Z/Shift -> System Information, and in this window will be a line of text displaying "Software Version". Judging by the serial number of the console, you are probably running ZerOS The latest software is ZerOS 7.9.5. As you are learning the console, I would recommend updating to the new software. ZerOS 7.9.5 is available to download from our website here...

    Once downloaded, extract the files, and then copy the ZerOS OS Creator application to the root of a USB stick. Plug into the console, tap SETUP -> Load File, and choose the file to load in. The console will then ask you to confirm, and begin the installation. More detailed instructions are available in the release notes, which can also be downloaded from the link.

    An easy way of seeing what fixtures your faders are controlling, is to view the Faders desktop - particularly useful if you have an external monitor connected. This will show you what your faders are doing - which page and which function.

    Hope this helps, if you have any questions just let us know.


  12. Hi Tim,

    Sorry to hear this.

    Is there a DMX indicator on the dimmers/ splitter? Does this go off/display no DMX when this happens?

    Is there any correlation to the times it happens - for example is there something specific you are doing on the console when it happens?

    How often does this seem to occur?

    Are you able to send us your show file the issue is present in? If so please send this to support@zero88.com, with a link to this forum thread.

    Kind regards,


  13. Hi Matthew,

    If the console recalls the previous fader function on boot, there is no need for the option in Setup. The option planned for Setup was only going to be a "Boot option", and therefore when booted the user could still change the fader function if they wished.

    I appreciate, the ideal situation for your implementation would be to have a locked down "operator mode", where only faders can be operated from the iPad. When the console is locked, playbacks can be operated using the faders, however not via the remote.

    If you have any queries let me know.


  14. Hi Peter,

    As mentioned in the thread you linked to, the new effects aren’t loaded, if software is installed from a bootable USB drive, rather than running the install application on the console.

    2 hours ago, Howartp said:

    we tried "Setup > Load > install" but this bricked the console, wouldn't boot pass the segments going dizzy on the channel/page LCD.  Reloading via prepped stick has got the console working again.

    I haven’t seen this before. So when FLX displayed switch off the console, how long did you leave after turning the console off and on again? How long did you wait whilst the page segment display was loading? Did you see anything on the internal or external screens?

    All the best,


  15. Hi Benjamin,

    Did you swap your original fixture to your edited fixture? If so did you power cycle the console before exiting Setup? Changes made in setup are not stored until you exit setup, which may be why you changed the fixture, power cycled, and the old one was back again. 

    There is no way of deleting fixtures from the library on the console.

    As Kevin says, when loading in fixture profiles make sure they are named differently to those already in the library, otherwise you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. 

    Hope this helps,


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