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ZerOS Software

ZerOS, the software running on FLX and FLX S, is regularly updated as a free update from the Zero 88 website. Click here to download the latest version of ZerOS.

Once downloaded, extract/unzip the software to the root of a USB stick, and plug into the console. You will then be able to tap Setup -> Load, and choose the software application to load in. ZerOS Software will use the standard application extension .exe

After choosing the software file to load in, the console will ask to confirm you are happy to proceed with the installation, and wipe the current show from the console. The console will also warn you, that disconnecting power mid installation could render the console unusable. Click Yes to proceed, or No to allow you to save your show file first.

The console will then warn you a second time. There's no excuse for not realising your show will be lost!

Once loaded, you will be required to restart the console. 

Upon rebooting, sometimes the console will state that a firmware update is required. This is because in some ZerOS software updates, a firmware update is included too. If this is the case, proceed with the firmware update, again ensuring the console's power will not be disconnected mid installation. Once complete, the console will be required to be power cycled. You will then boot into the newly installed software, and can reload your show file if required.