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  1. Hello,

    In response to your FLX questions:


    You can record cues in whatever order you want. On all ZerOS consoles (FLX, FLX S, Solution etc) there is a maximum cue count of 10,000, so as long as you are recording within this range you will be fine. 

    Regarding programming in a random order, you could also consider programming each rehearsal group as a separate Playback fader, as each playback can contain multiple cues. Or you can add in “Next” cues into cue 53 in your example, that will jump you back to cue 35 automatically. 

    You are also able to record empty cues and give them names if you wish to visually indicate what you need to record, and then update them at a later date. 


    You can record on FLX to 2 decimal places, therefore you can actually have 99 cues between 2 whole cue numbers. There is no Insert button like there is on Jester, as you just type the cue number you want after tapping record. For example typing RECORD 1.5 tap Master Playbacks button, will store your cue as 1.5 onto the master playback. 


    You can copy playbacks, and also copy cues. When copying cues you can copy them to a new location in the Playback, or copy them to a cue in a different playback. 


    Updating cues is very easy on FLX, as after updating a cue the values are automatically grabbed into the cue, so you don’t need to clear the programmer- useful for on the fly updates. FLX is as standard a Tracking console, which means updating a cue can automatically update subsequent cues for you if needs be. 


    Addition of Wings does not increase Playback count- this is still limited to 240 plus the master playback (241). However with a maximum of 6 Wings connected via a USB hub, it gives you hands on access to extra channels or playbacks, reducing the need to change pages in a large show. 


    As point 3, you can copy cues around to whatever playback you want. 


    For a list of compatible touch screens, see below...


    We do have an ongoing list of potential training videos, that are in the pipeline to be made in the future. 

    Regarding possible effects, FLX consoles have 32 in-built effects, plus the ability to apply custom effects to each parameter per fixture. The video below shows you the ability to offset these effects...

    Hope that helps, any queries let me know. 


  2. Hi Mitchells,

    If you want to keep the new LED pars separate, I'm guessing they're going to be doing different things to your existing 8 fixtures, so you'll need to edit your cues for this anyway. Otherwise you can do as Jon suggested, and pair your new fixtures up to your existing fixtures, adding an extra DMX address for each existing fixture, so that you have 2 fixtures responding per channel.


  3. 1 hour ago, _mitchells said:

    Is it possible to copy fixtures?



    If you mean copy say channel 1 fixture to 2 so that the same fixture type is patched on multiple channel numbers, you aren't able to do this. You would have to go to Add Fixtures, and patch the new fixture in.

    If you mean can you copy fixture information from one to another, this is only available on our ORB series consoles.


  4. Hi Martin,

    The console will always put your cues in to the greatest value it can. Therefore to record the very first available point cue you would have to type .01, rather than .1 - which although the second decimal place is missing is in fact .10, as that is the tenth point cue available. This tidies up the programming, so that every time you have a single point cue between 2 cues you just see .5, rather than .50.

    Hope that makes sense,


  5. Hi Kevin,

    Many thanks for your comments. In a future software update, we are going to be improving the FLX copying, and also bring the "Move" functionality. 

    Currently regarding copying groups, once you've tapped GROUP at the start of the syntax, you don't need to tap it again. For example GROUP 1 COPY 2. This saves a button press, but I appreciate your suggestion is a little more user-friendly, rather than fully syntax based.


  6. Hi Kevin,

    This is something we can look into. Whenever we're experimenting with fixture files, we'll add a version number to the end of the fixture's mode to see which is which. I'm guessing you have many separate User Files for other fixtures on the console, which is why you don't want to Clear all from  the desk- currently there is no way to remove an individual fixture from the library.

    Using Clear Fixtures from Clear options will remove all user fixtures from the console unless they are currently patched, in which case they will be left in the library.


  7. Hi Tribo,

    As Kevin suggested, make sure the battery is healthy. Software updates will not be installed if the console is losing its Date/Time.

    If you have replaced the battery recently and are still experiencing error messages whilst trying to update the software, format the floppy disk from the console. This can be found in Super User. Then plug the floppy disk into your PC and simply drag the software file onto the floppy.

    Hope that helps, let us know how you get on.


  8. Hi Tribo,

    This is probably down to the fixture file. Most RGB fixtures that don't have a dedicated Dimmer channel have a Virtual Intensity, which allows the console to scale the RGB values as if the fixture has an intensity. If this is a fixture in the current fixture library let me know which one it is, and I'll go in and edit the file so the fixture does have a virtual intensity.

    As a separate note, for Virtual Intensities to work on Fat Frogs you need to be running the latest version of FrogOS, version 10.12 available here...


    This will also allow the submaster faders to fade the colour up. You will however still see colours snap if you fade red of one fixture up over the top of green on the same fixture for example, as the Colour attribute uses Latest Takes Precedence rules.

    Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know.


  9. Hi Eddie,

    I updated your software last time I was at Pump House, so you should be on ZerOS 7.9.4. What version are your apps?

    That's interesting disabling Art-Net solved the issue. Were you using Art-Net? Were any other networking protocols enabled?


  10. Hi Erics,

    Setting the button function to "Latch" will always take the Playback data to the level it was at when it was recorded. Therefore in your case it will take the strobe to 255 irrespective of the fader level. If you want to use the fader to preset your Strobe rate, and then tap the button to activate it you will have to choose either "Go Snap" or "Go Fade" as the button function. To then turn the strobe back off, you can press and hold CLEAR and tap the Playback's button.

    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


  11. Hi Kevin,

    Chases currently don't let fades from a cue fade into subsequent cues. Once a cue has finished fading out, the next will play. This is of course different to a normal Playback, where you can have Auto-With cues, that allow for the previous cue to fade simultaneously/underneath the current cue. Therefore allowing chase fade percentages to be greater than 100% would allow you to have this functionality.

    Hope that makes sense.


  12. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your detailed query. Currently there isn't an easy way to do what you're after. I have however logged this on our software tracker as ZOS-8653 as a request. To implement this, we would look at allowing for a Chase Fade percentage of greater than 100%. You could therefore set "Ramp Down" and apply a fade percentage of 400%, which would fade the step of the chase out over the following 3.

    Any queries let me know.


  13. Hello,

    Have you completed the software update, and are now receiving the message “Operating System Missing”? If so, try installing again. 

    ZerOS 7.9.3 has now been superceded by ZerOS 7.9.4 so download this, and then try creating a bootable USB drive again by running the software on a PC.

    ZerOS 7.9.4 can be downloaded here...


    Any queries let me know. 


  14. Hi Eric,

    Home, Default and Topset values can’t currently be set on FLX S. We are looking at implementing this in the future, but in the meantime don’t forget you can save your show file, load it into Phantom ZerOS running as FLX, set your levels and save the show, and then load your show file back in to the FLX S. 



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