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Remote controlled power switching solutions


Combining Eaton’s broad portfolio of power management technologies and Zero 88’s market leading entertainment lighting control, RigSwitch is a remote controlled power switching solution suitable for any size venue.


RigSwitch can be delivered in standard 12 or 24 channel cabinet configurations with RCD or RCBO options with a wide choice of user control interfaces. Customised RigSwitch configurations include larger channel counts and options for RCBO traffic lights and AFDD (Arc Fault detection). With individual relays rated for up to 32A operation RigSwitch can cater for even the most power hungry user. 

RigSwitch is ideal for switching power for today's modern entertainment lighting systems, including moving lights, hot power sockets, specials and LED equipment.



Key Features:

  • Up to 96 circuits of feed through relays per cabinet
  • DMX control per circuit (or control via DALI and iCANnet)
  • Remote button panels available, or use any switch via contact closure
  • Intelligent propagation delay to reduce inrush nuisance tripping at power up
  • Manual override of any circuit (mechanical, not digital)
  • 6, 10 or 16 amps per circuit
  • MCB (with incoming RCD) or RCBO per circuit
  • Options for leakage current monitoring and/or arc fault protection
  • Includes cable gland plate insert (top)







Override Relays


Control Options

Individual channels are protected by “Miniature Circuit Breakers” (MCBs) as standard. All units can be upgraded to “Residual Current Breakers with Overload protection” (RCBOs). Eaton RCBOs are a combination of an RCD and MCB, providing over-current protection and earth fault current protection for each individual circuit, ensuring faults only interrupt individual circuits.



RCDs “Residual Current Devices” are included as standard on RigSwitch units with MCBs. Eaton RCDs monitor the incoming supply, detect earth leakage, and break the incoming circuit if a fault is detected. RCD's are required as standard in some countries. RCBOs can alternatively be considered, as these limit inconvenience tripping to individual channels, rather than the whole unit.



The feed through relays provide outstanding features and performance in a truly competitive package. Each channel is rated for up to 32 amps (Max 192 Amps per unit) and is designed to sit on load lines to switch heavy loads of all types, including resistive, inductive and capacitive lighting loads.




Three methods of control are available - DMX, DALI and the iLight network (“iCAN”). Any of these can be used exclusively, or brought together in a building-wide control system to create the capability of being linked with a virtually limitless number of other products to build up to any size of system.


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