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Chilli Master Controller
ChilliNet - Installation Dimming Range


The Chilli Master Controller can be used with any combination of Chilli dimmers, and provides full remote control and system monitoring.

By duplicating the dimmer controls, the Chilli Master Controller can be used to set all of the functions of any dimmer in the network, as well as record and playback memories.

Using intelligent network mapping the Chilli Master Controller can be used to access system channel numbers directly, rather then working on a dimmer by dimmer basis. This means that channels can be quickly and logically addressed in large systems.

The integration of timeclock functions allows for events to be played back at specific times of the day.

The Chilli Master Controller can be used as a handheld or wall mounted
(single UK 47mm back box) unit, and comes in a tough plastic case.


  • Backlit LCD display and buttons
  • Full dimmer remote control – all functions available
  • Intelligent system channel mapping, controls multiple dimmers simultaneously
  • Tough aesthetically pleasing plastic case
  • Built-in timeclock functions
  • Lockable editing functions using security PIN number
  • Networking by standard Cat 5 cable
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards


Specification Sheets

Chilli Master Controller Data Sheet

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