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Chilli Retrofit 4 Channel Relay Card
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Control the power for Moving Lights, LED’s, scrollers and other non-dim loads using the new Chilli 4 channel relay card for Chilli 24 units.

This retrofit relay card for Chilli 24 dimmers enables new and existing users to add relays in place of regular dimmers where power switching is required. The 4 channel relay card has been introduced in response to customer requests to control more non dim channels. It is ideal for both existing and new installations with the relay card being placed in any of the 6 possible locations in the dimmer rack. So now your switched loads can also be brought under DMX control from the same
dimmer rack.

The new relay card simply replaces an existing 4 channel dimmer card in a neat retrofit swap out solution. Up to 6 of the 4 channel relay cards may be fitted to any Chilli 24 unit in a one for one swap with any of the 4 channel dimming cards - now relay loads can be placed on any phase or channel location as necessary. Zero 88 also offer a 12 relay/12 dimmer variant as a standard stock item. A custom factory fit option for those users who wish to specify their racks with particular combinations of relays and dimmers is also available.

Chilli 24 relay cards are rated at 10A or 16A per circuit depending upon Chill 24 model.


  • 4 channel retrofit relay card
  • DMX addressing per channel*
  • Fits any Chilli 24 dimmer past or present
  • 100% duty cycle in Chilli 2410 and 2416 units
  • Convection Cooled
  • Simple swap with existing dimmer cards
  • Power supply and brackets included
  • Fit up to 6 cards per Chilli 24 cabinet
  • Control power to moving lights, specials and LED fittings etc
  • Relays may be manually switched via Chilli user interface
  • RDM ready*
  • Easy installation using only a screwdriver

*Latest firmware versions


  • 12 memories per area
  • 3 sequences
  • 10 areas available


Specification Sheets

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