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EtherN.8 RDM

EtherN.8 RDM offers flexible Ethernet to DMX/RDM data conversion in a 19” format. Up to 8 universes of Art-Net DMX/RDM data can be output from the EtherN.8 RDM to your lighting system. More...


EtherN.8 Data Sheet

EtherN.8 User Manual

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EtherN.2 RDM

EtherN.2 RDM provides two selectable universes of DMX/RDM output from your Ethernet system. Any two universes of Art-Net DMX/ RDM data may be output from the EtherN.2 RDM to your lighting system. More...


EtherN.2 Data Sheet

EtherN.2 User Manual

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1 Universe
Ethernet Box

The 1 Universe Ethernet Box provides a single universe of DMX input or output to your Ethernet DMX distribution system. More...


Ethernet Box Data Sheet

Ethernet Box User Manual


Demux 24

The Demux 24 is a 24 channel, rack mounted DMX to Analogue converter. More...


Demux 24 Data Sheet

Demux 24 User Manual

Split2.8 RDM

The Split2.8 RDM offers flexible DMX/ RDM data distribution in a 19” format. Two DMX inputs can be split and output to 8 outputs. More...


Split2.8 Data Sheet

Split2.8 User Manual