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All round console that provides generic dimming control and capability for up to 200 moving lights. More...


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Solutions XL

Larger all round console with 296 devices and 600 submasters. More...


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Designed to save you time and maximise your creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use. More...


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FLX S48 has double the power of the FLX S24 with
intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide quick access to palettes and an overview of the show. More...


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FLX S Quick Start Guide



FLX S24 is flexible, offering a powerful LED and
moving light controller in a small 19” unit with direct access to each of the lights in your rig. More...


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ZerOS Wing can be added onto any ZerOS console, or Phantom ZerOS - the offline PC editor, to increase the number of channel playback faders available. More...


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SCD Server Pro

The SCD Server Pro is a rackmounted, fully featured, lighting control system ideal for use in larger performance installations and networks where show replay, tracking backup or standalone operation is required. More...


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Phantom ZerOS Unlock Dongle

An optional unlock dongle can be added to Phantom
ZerOS to unlock Ethernet based DMX outputs.





Manual lighting control with timed cross fades and sequence functions. More...


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Level 6

The Level 6 DMX is an excellent value manual lighting control desk and is perfect where minimal control is all that is required. More...


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