Chilli Jr | Zero 88
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Chilli Jr

Chilli Jr

Legacy product

The Chilli Jr is a six channel installation dimmer, each channel being rated at a maximum of 10 Amps. The dimmer works under DMX control, and can be assigned a DMX start address. The dimmer features an individual channel test facility, with an adjustable output level. Each dimming channel can be set to follow one of three dimming laws : Normal, Linear or Switch. The dimmer features a global channel preheat function, which can be set to ‘on’ (5%) or ‘off’ (0%). The dimmer features an internal backup memory, which may be programmed by capturing the DMX control signal. The dimmer provides front panel indication of the control signal status, channel output levels and DMX address. The dimmer may be locked to prevent unauthorised changes to the set up.