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Live streamed training sessions now available "on demand" >

Friday 29th May, 2020

Zero 88 has completed a series of training sessions which were live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and YouTube. These are now available to watch “on demand” via social media or at


Eaton Zero 88 at Plasa Focus Glasgow >

Tuesday 10th January, 2017

Eaton - Zero 88 will be exhibiting at Plasa Focus Glasgow next week.


Eaton Zero 88 Welsh Hearts Santa Dash >

Thursday 8th December, 2016

Well done to Pete, Jordan, Tyler and Jon who entered the Welsh Hearts Santa Dash over the weekend.


Eaton Zero 88 FLX Training at the Congress Theatre >

Thursday 24th November, 2016

Our local theatre has been supporting us with a space to provide our scheduled training sessions.

Technical day

Eaton Zero 88 at the Enlightened technical demonstration day >

Thursday 10th November, 2016

Zero 88 were recently at the Enlightened technical demonstration day at University Theatre in Bath.

Competition winner

Eaton Zero 88 announces "In Control" competition winner >

Monday 31st October, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Johnny Strife of PNN TV Cambodia - the winner of our "In Control" competition.