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Zero 88 release the latest ZerOS Console Operating Software - Version 7.6.0

March 14th, 2013

ZerOS 7.6.0 is a major new software release for all ORB Series, Solution Series, FROG2 and Leapfrog 48 & 96 consoles, and is available as a free of charge upgrade from the Zero 88 website.

Key features include:

  • Significant performance improvements applied across ZerOS which increases speed, stability and simplicity of programming
  • New configuration tools for Art-Net devices from any ZerOS console, adding the ability to update Art-Net device labels, Subnets and Universe assignments (Using ArtAdress)
  • ORB Series consoles can now be upgraded to output 8 universes of DMX via Art-Net and sACN with the addition of the ‘8 Universe Console Upgrade Dongle’ (code 00-888-00).
  • When playing back a cue, ZerOS now displays the time elapsed and time remaining (including fade, delay and wait times) over the progress bar.

Other useful improvements include the new ability to directly select channels through the output window using a touch screen or mouse, a Quick Lock feature, the ability to ‘Photo Copy’ cues and submasters (removing previous tracking complications), new ‘ENTER ENTER’ syntax to select all channels over 0%, various new methods to release channels, several improvements throughout the Patch Wizard and over 150 other bug fixes and alterations.

For more information and to download the software, release notes and offline editor, please visit