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Zero 88 at the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe

The 2013 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe once again proved its world status as a global magnet for shows of many sizes and flavours– and it once again proved to be a busy time for all kinds of Zero 88 equipment supplied by many lighting rental companies from near and far. The Zero 88 pre-show console training program proved to be a big hit as did the continuing presence of training and support staff throughout the set up. “Every year we try to count the Zero 88 gear at the show and every year we discover more” commented regional manager Paul McEwan, “I lost count at over 180 Zero 88 systems with Orbs, Solutions and Jester lighting control desks all being strongly represented along with the inevitable Betapack dimmers of course”.

The Edinburgh festival and fringe is also a time when Zero 88 staff are able to connect face to face with a wide range of users of all experience levels. It always amazes me that so many shows and so much creativity can be crammed into one city” says Zero 88 Product Specialist Jon Hole “We learn so much from spending time with users … I am already looking forwards to next year!”