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Zero 88 ORBs in control at the International Student Drama Festival
August 6th, 2012

Zero 88 ORB Series lighting consoles were selected by the 2012 International Student Drama Festival, to operate the lighting in 5 venues across Sheffield. The consoles, alongside countless Zero 88 dimmers, performed flawlessly for the duration of the festival.

Attended by hundreds of students from across the globe, the 9 day festival featured performances from selected drama courses around the country, together with hands on workshops. As part of their ongoing commitment to support, Zero 88’s Entertainment Product Support specialist, Jon Hole, attended the festival to provide backup and training. Famous for their support of the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Zero 88 staff are experienced in providing on-site support and training at events like this. Jon also ran workshops to explain the basics of lighting control, together with a hands on demonstration of the latest in RDM technology, a protocol which Zero 88 have been spearheading the integration into their products. Training courses on the consoles were also run as part of Zero 88’s ongoing training schedule, to ensure venue staff were prepared for the busy festival period.

Jon commented, “ISDF is a great learning environment. Students who have never before touched a lighting console were programming shows, using our whole range of consoles, a testament to the ease of use of the products.”

Amber Hine, a drama student at the ISDF commented, “The desks provided us with great and easily edited functionality, which in a festival environment with limited time was not only essential, but also greatly appreciated! The many ways in which you can view the details of your programming also made editing cue stack information easily achievable with great accuracy. Cooper Controls also provided great support over the phone and in person throughout the festival, with training tailored to our needs for the festival. Working with Cooper Controls and the ORB desks was a wonderfully calm experience with great functionality on the desks.”

The festival was also a great opportunity for students to pick up a Zero 88 t-shirt, enabling them to enter the ‘Me & My Zero 88’ photo competition, celebrating 40 years of Zero 88. The competition runs until 6th September 2012