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Art-Net 4 is a lighting protocol which sends DMX data over Ethernet. The protocol allows for multiple DMX universes to be sent over a single Ethernet cable.

For more information, click here to head to the Art-Net website.


Within the Art-Net 4 panel, you can choose to enable Art-Net 4. Once enabled, you will be able to configure the Art-Net 4 protocol.

By default, Art-Net 4 universes will be mapped 1:1 with Desk Universes. To customise your universe routing, click here to find out about Desk Universe configuration.


If you have changed the Art-Net 4 settings per Desk Universe, you can choose to “Reset to defaults”. This will prompt you to start the Universe numbering from either Art-Net Universe 0 or Art-Net Universe 1. Technically the first available Art-Net 4 universe is “Universe 0”, but on modern devices it’s usual to ignore Universe 0, and start at Universe 1 – providing a “1-to-1” numbered universe patch, rather than an offset of 1. 

Light Converse integration

Within the Art-Net panel is an option to enable Light Converse integration. Light Converse is a visualisation software package which uses Art-Net to communicate with ZerOS consoles. The rules of Art-Net apply when configuring a Light Converse setup. Leave this option disabled if you are not using Light Converse.

For more information on Light Converse, click here to go to the Light Converse website.

IP Address

The IP address options will allow you to configure your Art-Net network settings. You can choose between using a DHCP address, a static IP address, or a Primary/Secondary IP address.

The Primary/Secondary IP address are predefined IP addresses, in the format 2.x.x.x for the primary, and 10.x.x.x for the secondary (both with subnets of Many Art-Net devices default to either a 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x IP, and so the Primary and Secondary option are quick ways to get you communicating with Art-Net devices with as little configuration required as possible.

Art-Net 4 traffic is mostly transmitted as “Unicast” data.

For information on network settings, see the Networking chapter.

Once you have transmitted your Art-Net data from the console, you can then send it to your fixtures over Ethernet. Often, Art-Net universes are then converted back to DMX universes, using an Ethernet to DMX Gateway.

Zero 88 manufacture Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 Ethernet to DMX Gateways.

Click here to head to the Gateway 4 page.

Click here to head to the Gateway 8 page.

Watch the video here for an overview of Gateway 4 and Gateway 8.

Take a look at the session below for an introduction to Art-Net...