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ZerOS Library

ZerOS includes the ZerOS Library. This is a library that contains information for over 25,000 fixtures, including how they work, what parameters they have, what their default values are etc. This is accessed by tapping Setup -> Add Fixtures. In Add fixtures you tell ZerOS the Make and Model of the fixtures being used, and ZerOS finds those fixtures in the ZerOS Library. Click here to find out more about Add Fixtures.

ZerOS Library is regularly updated. The latest version of the library can be downloaded from

To find the library version currently on your console, tap Z -> System Information.

If you are not running the latest version of the library, download it from the website, and copy the library file (.zlbr format) to the root of a USB stick. Then plug the USB stick into your console, tap Setup -> Load and choose the new library file. Click here to find out more.