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Fixture Schedule

Change Fixture

Fixture Schedule

The Change Profiles function can be used to change a fixture in your show, to a different type. It is useful if a mistake has been made (for example, adding the wrong model or mode) but also allows for a complete swap-out of the physical fixtures from one type to another, for example if there’s a fault and you can’t get an identical replacement fixture.

Change Profiles

Touch the appropriate cell, or select all the fixtures to be changed and touch the column header button labelled Change all Profiles . A popup window will open with the list of manufactures, fixture types and modes available.

After choosing the replacement fixture, ZerOS will attempt to apply all the programming that was done with the original fixture, and apply it to the new fixture.

If the new fixtures require more DMX channels per unit than the previous fixture type, you will be required to add in the new DMX start addresses. Parameters in the new fixture type that were not present in the original fixture type are left unprogrammed. 

Convert Profiles

Non Library Fixtures

If you ever see fixtures displayed in red in the Profiles column, this means these fixtures are not included in the Zero 88 Library. Instead, these fixtures may be from one of these sources:

  • Legacy Zero 88 fixture from an older show file
  • Custom fixture file
  • Fixture profile created by RigSync
  • Fixture profile created by importing an ASCII show file

A new "Non-library fixtures" patch group will be created, to allow you to quickly filter to see any fixtures that are not contained in the fixture library.

Convert All Profiles

If you are using a non-library fixture, there is a good chance that there may be a version of that fixture in the library. When selecting a single type of non-library fixture, the Change Profiles column therefore becomes a "Convert Profiles" column and can be used to convert the non-library fixture, to a library fixture.

After clicking Convert, ZerOS will show you the library fixtures that it reckons this fixture is. You can then choose the correct one, and click OK to confirm, and your fixtures will be converted to use the library format fixtures.

Red Fixtures Warning

If you select multiple different types of non-library fixtures, the column header will display a greyed out "Profiles" button. This is because only a single type of non-library fixture can be changed at a time. This is stated in the message displayed if you tap the greyed out "Profiles" button.

You can therefore just choose a single type of non-library fixture, using the red patch groups, and convert them one at a time, if a library fixture is present.