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Fixture Schedule


Fixture Schedule

If your fixtures have Pan & Tilt control, two more columns will appear in the Fixture Schedule, titled "Invert" and "Swap". These columns will be hidden if your selected fixtures do not have Pan & Tilt. Invert and Swap are alignment options, which can be used to take into account your fixture's rigging positions.

These settings can be changed by touching the relevant cell using the touch screen. Multiple fixtures can be changed at the same time by selecting the fixtures and selecting the appropriate column header buttons labelled “Invert” or “Swap”.



The invert options available are "None", "Invert Pan", "Invert Tilt" and "Invert Both".

Inverting Tilt can be particularly useful if you’ve rigged Front of House fixtures the opposite way around to those onstage, or you have some fixtures sat on the floor.

Inverting Pan can be particularly useful if you wish your rig to be symmetrical, so the beams move into and away from Centre Stage rather than all in the same direction.



Swapping Pan and Tilt can be particularly useful if a fixture is rigged on its side. In this function, any values defined for Pan will be output on the Tilt channel(s), and any values defined for Tilt will be output on the Pan channel(s).

With a fixture’s home position of Pan and Tilt at 50%, inverting or swapping these parameters won’t make an instant visible change. Therefore, it’s recommended that before editing these values, you select all the fixtures and move them all to a different position. Now, as you change Invert or Swap options, you’ll see the beams updating live.