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Fixture Files

If the fixture you need is missing from the latest version of the Zero 88 fixture library, the fixture file you need can be created.

There are three steps you can do to be able to control your missing fixture:

  • The first of these, is check if the fixture has RDM capabilities. If it does, ensure that RigSync is enabled on your console, and connect the fixture. ZerOS should be able to detect the fixture, create a fixture file for you, and patch it into the console automatically, for you to be able to control it. To enable RigSync, tap Setup -> Universes, and enable RigSync under Remote Device Management. Click here to find out more.

  • If you are unable to use the Fixture Editor software, you can send us an email to, with a link to the fixture's official manual. We will then be able to create the fixture file for you in our format, and send the fixture file to you once created. This will then get added to the ZerOS Library, ready for the next fixture library release.

If you have created the fixture file, or one of the Zero 88 fixture team has sent you a fixture file, you will be able to load it into your console.

Save the file to a USB stick, and plug into the console. Then tap Setup -> Load, and choose the fixture file to load in from USB. To find out more, click here.