MFFs | Zero 88
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Ensure that the MFFs (Multi-Functional Faders) are in channel mode by pressing the Fader Funct. button. When set to “Channels”, the MFFs directly control each light (or “fixture”) in the rig (this is often referred to as “Channel per Fader”). Each fixture, no matter what it is, will have a single “Channel Number”, and so will take up a single channel fader. The Page button(s) can be used to switch between channels (99 pages of 24 channels on FLX, two pages of 48 channels on FLX S48, and two pages of 24 channels on the FLX S24). Grey outline boxes in the Output Window show which set of channels are currently being controlled on the MFFs. Channels can be adjusted by moving the appropriate fader. If a channel already has a level, for example being played back from a cue, then you must ‘grab’ the level by moving the fader up to the present value. Once that value is grabbed, the fader gains control.


When your MFFs are controlling Channels rather than Playbacks, the Faders window will show you the names of the fixture's you are currently controlling, and their intensity percentages.