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Auto Effects

Auto Effects

ZerOS can generate 45 auto effects, by clicking the “Automatically create effect palettes” button. Each palette displays the effect number, content flags and a name.

Content flags indicate which attributes are programmed in the effect palette, and are displayed top left of the palette tile:

  • I = Intensity
  • C = Colour
  • B = Beam
  • S = Shape
  • P = Position
  • E = Effects

When applying auto effects, base values of parameters will be automatically changed to allow the effect to work correctly. For example, applying a “rainbow” effect will change the base values of the Red, Green and Blue parameters to 50%. Choosing “No Effect” will not return the base values back to their previous values.

The following effect palettes will be created, upon pressing "Automatically Create Effect Palettes":

  • Effect 1 is "No Effect". Tapping this removes any effects from your selected fixtures.
  • Effects 2 - 10 are intensity effects. These will there be available to all fixtures with intensity, including standard dimmer channels.
  • Effects 11 - 20 are movement effects, for your moving lights.
  • Effects 21 - 40 are colour effects for fixtures with colour mixing, such as LEDs.
  • Effects 41 - 45 are Beam/Shape effects, including Iris, Zoom and Focus effects.

Intensity Auto Effect Palettes

Intensity Auto Effects

Colour Auto Effect Palettes

Colour Auto Effects

Position Auto Effect Palettes

  • Circle (includes offset)
  • Figure 8 (includes random offset)
  • Ballyhoo (includes random offset)
  • Fly In (includes random offset)
  • Fly Out (includes random offset)
  • Square (includes offset)
  • Step Square (includes offset)
  • Triangle (includes offset)
  • Vert. Line (includes offset)
  • Horiz. Line (includes offset)

Beam/Shape Auto Effect Palettes

  • Iris Fade (includes random offset)
  • Iris Step (includes random offset)
  • Zoom Fade (includes random offset)
  • Zoom Step (includes random offset)
  • Focus Fade (includes random offset)