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Cues & Playbacks

Updating Cues

After recording a cue you may need to make changes to it, and update it. The most effective way to do this, is firstly go into the cue you wish to change and update. The easiest way to do this, is view the playback your cue is stored in, by pressing and holding View and tapping your playback's button. Then tap your cue on screen, and press the playback's go button to go into it, the cue will highlight in green, meaning it is the current cue. Ensure your playback's fader is raised.

Your cue will then be outputting, and you can then make the changes required using the fixture controls. When your have made the changes required, and your lighting state on stage now looks how you need it, tap Update, and then tap the button of the playback which is currently outputting. The current cue of that playback is then updated, and you will notice the Clear button LED automatically turns off, as the console has saved all your manual changes into the cue.

Fade times can also be updated whilst updating the cue, as after pressing Update your encoders will allow you to adjust the fades of the cue, in the same way you can when recording a new cue.

By default, cue only is enabled, meaning any changes you make to a cue, will then be reverted in the next cue, ensuring only the cue you are working on is affected, and the following cues look however you programmed them. You can however update a cue with tracking enabled, as a method of sending your changes into several cues.