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The “Colour Picker” tab, allows you to select a colour for use in colour mixing (CMY/RGB/RGBW) fixtures. Just touch the picker using the touch screen, and the colour of the selected fixture will be set to the colour pressed.

The cross (“+”) symbol on the picker indicates the current colour values for the selected fixture. If multiple fixtures are selected, multiple "+" will be displayed.


You can select multiple fixtures and “fan” them across the picker by using two fingers and multi-touch. The first selected fixture (defined by the order of selection) will be at your first finger, the last selected fixture will be at your second finger, and all the fixtures in-between will spread between these two points.

Fanning across Multicell Fixtures

On multicell fixtures, colour colour can be fanned in two ways. Firstly, colour can be fanned across a multicell fixture, just like a standard fixture. This means that every light output of the multicell fixture is the same, resulting in a single cross (+) per fixture on the colour picker. Alternatively, colours can be fanned across the individual cells of a multicell fixture, resulting in a cross (+) per cell on the colour picker.

The way your fixtures will be fanned across the colour picker, will be dependent on whether they were selected as whole fixtures, or individual cells. When using the channel faders, fixtures will be selected as whole fixtures, unless your fixture is a linear multicell fixture, such as an LED batten, in which case the fixture will be selected as cells.

For more information on controlling multicell fixtures on FLX S consoles, click here.

For more information on controlling multicell fixtures on FLX consoles, click here.

Value Fader

To the right of the colour picker is a "value" fader, which can be used to dim your colour, without lowering the fixture's intensity. You will find that if the value fader is at the bottom, your fixtures are still considered to be on, however in black. A preview of the colour you have created is shown at the top of the value fader, and in the colour bar top right of the FLX colour window.

Image Picker

Image Picker

It’s possible to load images into the colour picker, allowing you to select colours from that. This is useful when wanting to use the colours of a companies’ logo, or wanting to recreate the colours from a particular image you’ve photographed. Press one of the “+” symbols along the left hand side of the picker to open the “Load file” window which will display all the images on the external USB drive. Choose the image file you need, and load it in. The Image Picker is also multi-touch.


To remove an image from the Picker, just press the Delete button and then press the image from the left hand side. This creates space for a new image to be loaded.