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Controlling Fixtures


FLX range lighting consoles feature award winning colour control. All colour parameters of your fixtures can be controlled using the colour attribute encoder wheels, accessed by selecting the fixture and tapping Colour. If your fixtures have more parameters than available encoders, tap the Colour button again to page through.

As well as using encoders, FLX range consoles also support multiple methods of choosing colours, for fixtures with colour mixing capabilities. The colour mixing will be applied to fixtures with RGB, RGBW and CMY colour control. All other parameters can be accessed using the encoder wheels. If using CMY fixtures, the encoder wheels will by default display Red, Green and Blue parameters on the encoders, and the console will do the work to convert this to CMY to output to your fixtures. If you would prefer to work with CMY encoders, open the Colour Settings, by pressing and hold Setup, and tapping Colour. You can then change the Colour Edit Mode to CMY.

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Fixtures that can colour mix, can use two methods - subtractive colour mixing, or additive colour mixing. Take a look at the videos below for more information...

Subtractive Colour Mixing.

Additive Colour Mixing.