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Fat Frog reversing itself!

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I dont quite know whats wrong with my Fat Frog, but in some shows i have been doing lately, half way through the event, the desk will reverse itself sort of, like i was to move the thumb wheel left, 2 scans (SL) would go left and other would go right, so basically like a mirror! does it need a service?


P.S - (its perfect for club nights etc, so if it aint a fault, can somebody tell me how to enable/disable it??)

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Could be that the position parameter is in 'fan middle' mode, if you have this problem again press and hold down the positionbutton and look at the LCD-screen it could say: ABSOLUTE / RELATIVE / FAN-FIRST /FAN-MIDDLE / FAN-LAST, you can change this by holding down the position button and scroll the wheel.


It's also possible that pan or tilt is inverted.


Check the manual, don't feel like typing a lot today :D

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