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Super chase.ltp fade out/in

Do u think this is a good idea?  

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Ive been programming really nice chase patterns with the theatre stack with auto and jump..what i would love to see is to be able to make this one memory. ie select mem number, press F3 and CHASE/SCEEN, then a window similar to the theatre stack opens, dont have to have name, or trigger type, just fade in/out times.....so we get individual fade times for a chase:-)


Wat u think????


two things i think the desk should have.........LTP fade Out/in/wait Time, Real Blind Program, which is easy to get 2.

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By running a set of scene memories with auto triggers and a jump at the end you have effectively created a 'chase' with independent fade times between the steps (ie memories) :D


It's good to see you are using the various memory and stack functions to produce some more complex effects, but I think trying to make this into a single 'memory' would be one step too far and would require some major reworking internally (eh Simon :wink: )


As to your second point - You don't have LTP fade in/out or up/down times as you do with HTP (brightness) channels because they handled and processed completely differently - that is why they are LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) 8O


An LTP channel has a single transition (snap or fade) from a current value to it's new value. Although numerically, in terms of absolute DMX value this is obviously going to go 'up' or 'down', this has a totally different meaning to brightness/dimmer channels.


For example- a colour wheel goes from red to blue, it's DMX value goes from x to y and vice versa - how can you say one is a fade in and the other a fade out ?


What do you mean by "real blind programming" ? Are you suggesting we have 'imaginary' blind programming at the moment ?


Blind editing was added in Software version 9.0. I agree it is not immediately obvious how to enter blind editing mode, but that comes as a direct result of having to provide the additional functionality using the existing front panel layout of controls 8O Besides that's why I produced the release notes and updated the manuals :lol:


I remember, in the very early days of the frog's development, that certain people who shall remain nameless, said that we wouldn't need partial programming, palettes, adjustable times on submasters, external keyboard or monitor output 8O :oops:

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