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Addition Chase - Confusing or What?!?!

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bit confused

desk went in fine and everything works super


when setting a chase, (this worked fine the first time, how it should)

i.e.. fader 1 up

programme step

fader 1 down

fader 2 up

programme step

and so on


so when playing back it would go


step 1 - channel 1

step 2 - channel 2

etc etc


however later on in the night , I was programming on the desk and when doing a chase this happened:


fader 1 up

programme step 1

FADER DOWN on preset

however lantern stay lit

Main LCD says that I am now on step 2 (2*)

I try moving the preset and grandmaster faders to 0 - no affect

move the playback x fader down and the light goes off

move playback x back up and the light on fader 1/ channel 1 comes back on

so I now programme step two , thinking it is just showing me what was my last step...

however when I play back the chase all I get is an addition chase,

for example:

step 1 - channel 1

step 2 - channel 1 and 2

step 3 - channel 1 and 2 and 3


however at each step only the last channel number on each step (as above) as had its fader up.


I'm confused!?!


any ideas what's wrong




speed would be appreciated...

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