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Movers on Submasters

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Hey all,

Recently got those NJD lights to work with the Fat Frog and they work super!


However when putting a chase with a mover onto the submasters , when I raise the fader it starts but when i lower it the chase keeps the last move ie. green on a tree.... or something like that! Sp and I came up with the idea of having one of the submasters set to lamp off for the lantern, so when you want the chase to stop all you have to do is bring that fader up, that works fine, but is there a easier way?


To turn the lamp on and to go to blackout you use beamshape instead of brightness because you cant dim it!




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Hi, I don´t know the NJD movers really. You are writing you can´t dim them! So I suppose they don´t have an defined brightness(HTP) channel.

In that case there is no other way to get the lanterns off, because all other channels are operating as LTP.


Probably a solution is to set the shutter channel as brightness by editing the fixture lib with the Fixture Edit Tool..... :idea:


Could you specify the DMX Chart of the NJD? Perhaps there is an better solutions for your problem!






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We have made several improvements over the years to chases on submasters, mainly at the request of users :)


One of those changes was to make chases stop when the submaster fader is brought back down to zero.


Normally, it would not matter which step was being output when the chase stopped as the intensity (brightness) would now be at zero.


However, if your fixture does not have a dimmer channel, then I can see why this may be a problem.


As Laubfrosch has suggested, if you can send us the DMX channel information for the fixture, maybe we can think of a solution :D

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