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1 Shot chase

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Hi all;

I was just playing about with the idea of using a 1 shot chase to do an end of song or set salute ie.


Step 1 - All flown movers pointing straight down and all floor movers pointing straight up, dimmer 100% + selected gobo


Step 2 - Tilt all movers straight out into audience.


Step 3 - Dimmer to 0% on all movers.


Set modifiers to 1 shot, and speed slowish.


The thing is when I put this on a sub and run it ( even when I push up the fader a little to trigger the LTP) there seems to be a 3 to 4second lag between step 1 and 2, that is between the HTP of the dimmer reaching 100% and the lamps moving to the next position. Anyone got any ideas how to overcome this as it makes executing the effect on time a bit tricky.

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Seemed to be a problem with LTP Fade on chase try to set your Chase to LTPFade=Snap and then decrease MSpeed to ie. 120 on step2 and 3 voila your movers fade throu the audience once.

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There are a few things you might need to think about here:


Where are the lights pointing before you run the chase ?


If they are not already at the position in step 1 of the chase they will take a finite time to reach the 'step 1' state - this will be determined by the LTP fade time of the memory.


Therefore it's probably best to set the LTP fade for the memory to zero and ensure that they are in the correct position before running the chase.


The Fade Up time of the memory will also be applicable if the lights are not at 100% before the chase is triggered.


The fade up/fade down and LTP fade times relate to how the outputs behave when the memory is triggered - ie the transition to the first step of the chase.


The Attack, Col Action, Beam Action and Pos Action relate to how the outputs behave when moving between steps of the chase when it is up and running.


As your chase involves both brightness and position parameters changing between steps, check that the Attack and Posiiton Action modifiers are set to the correct values.


If you want the lights to fade out in step 3, ensure the Attack modifier is set to Fade (/).


With the position I think you have two options depending on the way movement is handled on the fixture itself. Some fixtures can be set to track the DMX output of the desk as far as possible, so the speed of the chase will determine how long it takes to move the lights from position A to position B. Some fixtures have an Mspeed parameter, so the fixture itself works out how long it will take to reach the specified position. Not really used this myself, so not entirely sure how it works.


I guess it's a matter of experimenting with the times, speed, modifiers etc until you achieve the effect you want - which I am sure will be possible :D

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