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Offline Programming

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Okay; maybe not the correct place to place this post, but I wouldn't know where else to put it.

At the moment I spend a lot of time programming shows; mostly just a few hours before the band begins. We haven't got too much standard shows, so mostly I haven't got a lot of time to do my work properly; sometimes resulting in a sloppy show.

Of course I hate that (as any other LD / operator does); so I'm very interested in the world of offline programming. There's WYSIWYG; which is a very neat program (downloaded the demo version) but it's also way too expensive for me to buy (remember I'm a freelancer who does this work besides studying!). So I wondered if there are any users who have experience with other programs. I havent got much to spare, but lets say 500-750 euro's is a price I'll consider.

Of course, when using the Frog I must have a program which allows me to connect a DMX line from the frog to my PC to program. Also I want a decent visualiser; it has to be representative for my work.

It's really too bad this stuff is so expensive; I really can't afford it on my own; and the companies I work for aren't going to buy me one (we're not doing really big shows, so there's simply no money for it).


Is there anyone here who can help me getting software for a decent price which fits what I want to do??


In regards to Frog II: is WYSIWYG going to be distributed with the desks like with Wholehog, or is it an extra you have to buy (whoops, there goes another 2800 euro's!).


Why does all this stuff have to be so expensive! Mind the students will ya :P

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I said before elsewhere here in forums that I´m prepared to pay 500€ for additional WYSIWYG environment without hardware !

So vote me in to have a WYSiWYG

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Have a look at Capture Sweden. This is what we like at the moment!




Did that, but the demo version wouldn't even run properly... Guess I'll have to stick some more time into that one.. could you post some renders from Capture here? There's only little example pictures I could find.

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Ok, an offline pragrammer would be very nice (i have one(wysiwyg)) but remember only the basic is visible, colour, gobo, prism so you could program the rather simple memories, if you need to program positions, or prismrotation, or goborotation, don't bother, it will always look different on stage, blablabla


The reason i bought wysiwyg is not the offline programming, helpful of course, it is to create different lighting looks, change the stagelayout in order to get lighting looks much better than before, try out different colours and create complex positions which is not possible using the mouse and then render the image to show it to your client as a little preview or to persuade him to get you to do the job and no one else.


I think it's better to put your time into the desk-functions instead of putting it in an application that you won't even use after some time.

Just like a child, when it get's a new toy it's happy times but he will get bored after some time and start nagging about a new toy...


A wysiwyg-application, using only 512 dmx-channel will cost you 4000€ for soft and hardware. Tooooo expensive to put it in a desk and it will take away lots of the processor's capacity running complex shows!!!!


I just want a good desk for it's price, that's all folks!!!

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