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van den abbeele Eric

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Yesterday I Use for the first time UDK possibility...

this is Service (security) light.    Having two fixture light on (Cannal 37 and 38)  and after need it light Off (Latch option)

So when the UDK is "on" and I want to recording other light in a CUE, This two light 37 & 38 are recording with... 


So I would like to recording all the light without this two projector...    How can I Use UDK for this ? 



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Hi @van den abbeele Eric

As @martin-144 mentions, there is currently no dedicated way of configuring a UDK to not be included when recording a cue. 

However, if you record cues with SmartTag disabled, only values that you manually adjust will be recorded, and values coming from cues and UDKs will be ignored. 

The other potential option, if you could Park channels 37 and 38. See the link below for more information…


Hope this helps,


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