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USB no longer reads


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The Zero88 USB with our shows on it was fine on Monday but since Tuesday the desk doesn’t recognise it as present. Lights up red when I put it in but no devices available to load show or save. Have tried the other ports and another random USB which was read. Don’t know what to check next of if it’s resolvable?

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did you try to make a copy of it, on another usb stick? (in a PC or laptop) and try this new stick  in your desk?

I would use an empty stick, freshly formatted FAT32 . and copy everyting to it. Do not create  folders.

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55 minutes ago, DALX said:

I have found that occasionally when I take a USB drive from my FLXS24 and put it into the PC to update files, windows has to repair the USB drive. I have not noticed a cause yet as it does not happen very often.

As with you, don't do this much but I'd say it does it practically every time.

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Hi @hermionejay

6 minutes ago, hermionejay said:

Hi thanks for help. I can’t get it to read - it asks to format it and I have to wipe the USB for that but looks like it’s done for. Can I use any USB on the desk or do I need a replacement zero88? 

Any USB drive should work with FLX S consoles. The USB drives that used to come with Zero 88 consoles were in the FAT32 format.


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