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Relative chases

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Something I thought up last weekend; there should be a possibility programming relative chases. What I mean by that; the desk should record the difference in DMX value when programming; and output only the difference with the current value.

Ehhh maybe that's a little crappy English: an example.

Programming a color chase:

* DMX value is at 0

* Create a chase as usual, set mode to relative.

* record step 1

* change DMX value to 5 (next color)

* record step 2

* Finish the programming


now we have a relative chase, and we start it: output will be:

0-5-0-5-0-5-0-5 etc


Now we select a color-pallet; output will be change to 128 for instance... Now we start the chase again; output will be



Now wouldn't that be a nice feature? :) Saves loads of time programming different color / gobo / strobe chases.

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indeed a very nice vagary but how do you stop this chase running ? when a colour chase steps ie. open / red, call a pallet maybe blue/ yellow the chase runs all the time ?


I sugesst that such colour / gobo chasers can be stored on a pallette !

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Why should it stop differently from the current chases? Just select another color, or manually change the value and the chase comes to a stop?

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