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Copying Fixture Data

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Moderation: Split from Frogs and the Future as this feature is available now :lol:


can we have some way of transporting the information from one fixture to another


You can do this already on the Frogs. If you hold down colour, beamshape or position (maybe brightness too, can't remember), then hit a fixture select button, the colour, beamshape or position data will be copied from the fixture button you just hit to all the selected fixtures. Simple. A bit like selecting a palette, except that the source data is another fixture.


Obviously works best if the fixtures are of the same type!

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From the manual :D


"Copying Fixture Data


Fixture parameter data for a particular

attribute can be copied from one fixture

to another fixture as follows:


1. Set up the parameter levels for the “source†fixture as normal.

2. Select the destination fixture(s).

3. Press and hold down an ATTRIBUTE button (BRIGHTNESS, COLOUR,


4. Press the FIXTURE SELECTION button of the source fixture.

5. Release the ATTRIBUTE button."



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So you can also simply select all the needed fixtures and set up the parameters which is faster, or am i missing something here?


This would appear to be the case :D


I have just tried an example:


Select fixture 1 and set brightness level to 25%.

Deselect fixture 1

Select fixtures 2-12

Hold down Brightness button

Press fixture selection button 1 ...

Fixtures 2-12 now have a brightness level of 25% 8)

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Whoops, I didn't knew about this one! Cool feature, now if it would only work for pallets in somekinda way (but still; very nice).


Guess we all have to read t.f.m. again!


Good idea .. I'd like to think that after producing 6 issues of the Frog Series Manual (and 3 Issues of the Mambo Frog Manual) that there are some people out there who read them :P

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Is there a way to copy fixture values from a palett? I read the manual and found nothing about it. Copying values works fine when I set them with the wheels but it doesn't work with the paletts.

This would save a lot of programming time because I use often different fixtures whith the desk. I'd like to create some default shows whith one Fixture and all values like color, etc. stored on paletts, so I only have to set the current number of fixtures I'm using and copy the values from the palett.

Would be great if this would work somehow.

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Copying attributes in this way, from a fixture which is outputting a palette, will result in the fixture(s) being copied to getting a reference to the same palette as the fixture being copied from.


If however that palette does not contain any data for the fixture being copied to, then the fixture seems to output random values. I guess this is a bug, as it's outputs should remain unchanged, or more usefully as you suggest, take the values from the palette for the fixture being copied from. You could then use this method to subsequently add fixtures to a palette by reprogramming it.

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