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I don’t believe this is possible (I have a similar application requirement too).

I believe the MIDI output is ‘thru’ not ‘out’ and I’m not aware of any commands or macros that can trigger the FLX to output MIDI control messages to other equipment.

This is a shame - the only output available on FLX is DMX (XLR or via ArtNet/sACN), there are no ‘aux’ type outputs. 

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4 hours ago, Edward- Z88 said:

Hi Roan,

As Kevin says, FLX can receive MIDI, but not output MIDI triggers. The MIDI output is for connecting other devices on the MIDI daisy chain so they can all receive the same signal. 

For more information on MIDI see the link below…


Hope this helps,


It helps, thanks for the sespons.

But it is disappointing. Has there never been a need to be able to do this? And then preferably with OSC, so that you do not need a midi converter, only with a Cat cable.

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