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Crossfade an Cuestack of Positions

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I would like to corssfade a Cuestack of Positions. My Fadercontrol is set to Position, 1Way Crossfade. MIB is disabeld.

When i move my Fader, inbetween every Cue, my MLs went to Default Positions.

Whats my Mistake?

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Hi Wosti,

The Fader Function options will affect the intensity behaviour, with attributes adhering to cue fade times.

Fader controls position, allows you to transfer from whatever position values your fixtures are currently at, to the position values recorded in the current cue you crossfade into. Therefore lowering the fader will send the fixtures back to their previous values. It can't be used as a method of transferring between the cues on the playback.

Therefore if you want to control the time of position crossfades between cues, you may wish to configure a Speed Override control to do this. For more information see the link below...


Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.


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7 hours ago, Edward- Z88 said:

Therefore lowering the fader will send the fixtures back to their previous values.

Hi Wosti,

Also by default when you lower a fader it will "release" the fixtures - hence they will revert to whatever was controlling them prior to this playback being triggered (raised).  If nothing was controlling them, then default values will be output. I'm sure Edward has answered your question more fully - but you also might want to look at disabling release on lower which might give you a revised approach. Release On Lower can be enabled/disabled under the playback settings for that playback (Setup+Playback button).


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