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Hi guys, 

I would like to see a update where it is possible to:

-MOVE things instead of just copy it (pallets / cues) 
-controle the actual speed of a Fx on a submaster
-maybe even have a executer window 

I am actually stunned that the first 2 options are not available on the FLX. 
Every other console / operation system has this feature. 

What do you guys think?? 

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Hi Romec,

17 hours ago, Romec said:

-MOVE things instead of just copy it (pallets / cues)

This will be coming in a future update, and is already logged on our system. Currently you can only copy and then delete the original. 

17 hours ago, Romec said:

-controle the actual speed of a Fx on a submaster

You can do this using Speed Override. For more information see below...


17 hours ago, Romec said:

maybe even have a executer window

Although there is no dedicated “executor” window, you can record snapshot palettes, to record whole lighting states. You could then view the palettes window and use this to recall lighting states for selected fixtures. For more information see here...


Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. 


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