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Acer T232HL Monitor Touch feature not working

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I am using a FLX S48 with an acer T232HL 10 point touch screen monitor, display is fine, but touch screen does not work. When I go to Setup>External Display>Calibrate I get the orange cross in the top left hand corner but  there is no touch response from anywhere on the screen. I tried different usb cables and both FLX S48 usb ports. I tested the acer monitor with my Asus touch screen laptop and the touch screen functions work with that. Any suggestions ?

Forgot to add that other touch screens work with the FLX S48 desk.

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Has this touchscreen worked with the console previously, or is this the first time trying it?

Please plug in the touchscreen via USB, power the touchscreen, and then boot the FLX S48. Then tap Z/Shift -> System Information -> System Info. In this window is a "Input Devices..." list. Can you see whether the Acer touchscreen is listed? Feel free to email me a picture of this window.

The Acer website seems to have fairly limited information...


I am struggling to see whether this states it works with Windows 10. If it needs special drivers to work and is not just plug and play with Windows 10, then unfortunately it sounds like it won't be compatible with FLX S.

If you have any questions let me know.


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This has not worked with the console. Tried a while back and it did not work but did not follow up on it, used another touch screen monitor at the time.

Input devices only lists USB keyboard, USB mouse, FT5406 memory based driver.

Does not appear to be compatible with FLX S. I have emailed you the Input Devices picture.

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