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Name your show!

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Well, how about we all tell each other what your latest show was and a rough idea of what you used.



Fame the Musical -


48 x Par 64 MFL

4 x Giotto Spot 400

8 x Profile (numerous sorts)

5 x Jands GP12 Dimmers

1 x Zero88 BullFrog


This is just a rough idea, all in all, there was ALOT more!


Venue size: Hall, approx 1000 pax

4 Nights, approx 4200 pax in total

48 cast, 7 crew.

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24 x MAC250

8 x MAC500

8 x OBY5

96 x PAR64

and one 2m mirrorball

1 x mambo

Crew: 7 and about 50 naked models :D

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Dirk Busch - Balladen Pur aber nicht nur -Tour 2004


24x PAR 64 CP60 MFL (Backtruss)

12x PAR 64 CP62 MFL (FOH)

4xFresnels 1KW

2x Disisti 2KW

6x Mac600

6x Mac500

3x Arena Dimmer 12ch

1x Zero88 Leapfrog


a pocket full of LEE Filters to go ... :) My favorites ar 117 steel blue, 134 golden amber .


naked models missing :(

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