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close loop early command

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just wondering does the desk already do these and how long the break in the dmx timing is, coz ive found that there seems to be a delay from

telling the desk wat 2do, and the actual fixture do it.


please note cable length per run 20 meter

dmx splitter used

all terminated

max 10 fixture on each chain


dont have this problem when im using a pearl 2000 on the same setup?

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* Latest software


fixture what suffer the most are the martin 918s...same software as mac 500 basicly


delays on gobo, colour, prism changes, even when on pallets

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I would think a main thing to consider for the new desk is to have a fundamental re-think on the way that channels work. I would think that it would be sensible for the desk to consider channels and fixtures as the same thing, it may be that channels 1-48 would be generics and 49- 60 being fixtures, but you would be able to do everything with all of them.


This would mean that editing could be done with the wheels for all channels, it may also be nice to add a fader for each of the 'fixture' channels, meaning that you can treat them in exactly the same way as normal channels when plotting.


I would actually suggest making it so that your fixtures can be anywhere on the desk (channel number wise) and you could then be able to buy more fixtures (ie, a frogII would be the same hardware as a fat frog II, but would just be software upgradable) This would mean that people can buy the smaller channel version and up them selves when they need to.


My main point with building a new desk is that the developers should ALL go and play properly with the main desks on the market at this time, even employing someone who knows the desks to show them how they work. A vast number of the changes that have been made to the Frog OS since it came out should have been in the original release - things such as plotting to attribute level are an obvious requirement from anyone who works in the club/music/theatre lighting industry professionally, and are something that is available on all of the major (and most of the middle ground) desks. A few desks that should be tried would be:


Avolites Pearl (most similar to Frog)

WholeHog II and III

Strand 520 (mostly theatre, but Frog needs to cater to that also I would think)

ETC express/expression range (as per 520)


Anyway, that's just my thoughts.





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