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FLX and Ancillaries Tour Case

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Good afternoon all.

I have spent a bit of time with Swan Flight (who have been fantastic) designing and building a case for my FLX rig and thought you may appreciate a pic or two.

I did this as it saves carrying several different cases around and it also helps with setting up and breaking down time.  It caters for the FLX, 2 X Wings, Laptop (Running PhantomOS as a tracking back up), Touchscreen, Ethernet to DMX Gateway, DMX Splitter and a MIDI trigger.  Of course there will be situations where I cannot place the case where needed so will use a separate touchscreen, Wing and Laptop via a small Ethernet to DMX Gateway but again that is all in the case.

I thought you may appreciate a couple of pix.

PS....  I am lucky enough to have a transit to cart this around.


Link to more Pix: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3etf147033chkrt/AADzDoSaUxr8vgbvn3EVOs28a?dl=0

Low Res 1 copy.jpg

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