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Front of House


Health and Safety Executive


Just a suggestion, but questions such as this might be better on a technical forum, such as www.blue-room.org.uk. There are great helpful knowledgeable guys there, and plenty of info; indeed I recently read a topic all about abbreviations :)



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our rig is 3 bars over the stage, downlight and two bars infront suspended from the ceiling, there is a lighting design speduckt come in for big shows. the hse had been bugging us for a while. There are fans on the ceiling. we put up the scafolding to gel and focus the lights. when the hse came in we made sreaming noises, threw stage blood on him and fell over,(Still on the scaffolding). he got the fright of his life because he thought we had cut our head off in the fan. lol :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :wink: :wink: :lol::lol: :wink: :wink: :lol:

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For me, it has to be the show I'm dealing with at the moment for my school. We have run a few in the past by borrowing from a local AmDram group and botching things together with gaffer tape and strange adaptors.


For this show, however, I decided to make the school realise how much effort goes into lighting something. Long story short, I managed to condemn all the school's own lighting equipment for relatively minor things such as no earth connections on the luminares. I wish I was joking here, but from the asset register of 54 items we had at the beginning (Once I'd bothered to make one) only 10 lights survived the cull.


I've just got back from a rig involving putting up nearly a mile of hired cable, 40 hired lights, and a FatFrog for a school production of a script so bad it makes me cry. They'll learn eventually.

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I'm doing an event next weekend where we need a lot of lights. We contacted an other rental company and ordered some truss, 8 movitec sl250, 2 martin mac 600, 2 mac 2000 and 18 martin mac 500. everything was ok and the contracs signed.


2 weeks ago the company contacted us and let us know that the mac 500 weren't availeble. We agreed that we would get the new Mac700 instead of the 500.

I was verry happy of course. always better to have stronger lights :twisted: .


But this week the company contacted us again and said that the mac700 were stuck at the customs authorities. So now we had no 500 or 700.

my world collapsed, becouse I already programmed my show.

the other company understood this and were also unhappy about the situation. then they made a proposal that made me verry happy.

we would get 20 mac 2000's 8) .


Now you can see that a problem can be verry good in some situations.


the total quantity lights that I'm controlling are:


- 20 * Mac 2000

- 4 * Mac 600

- 16 * sl250

- 8 * sunstrip

- 7 pars with rainbow color changer

- 3 * 5W laser


everything exept the lasers will be controlled with 2 mambofrogs


I will post a movie or pictures here as soon as I can.

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Worst gig ever done...everyone without coffee after a load-in at 4 o'clock

Worst gig far away.. A tour with a childrens'circus. rented the gear in the country we atended and travelled with a volvo 440 containing the crew, a hoog500 and tools..luckily the crew consisted out of me and a friend :-)


when attending in Aarhus, denmark i asked the manager of the venue if it would be safe to park the car next to the venue for a few hours. "oh, no problem, Aarhus is a very safe place" But he forgot to mention the methadon-bus which came around every wednesday next to the venue.

And wednesday it was...some junkies got the luck of their life..the hog was untouched but all my paperwork, money for a few days and some dutch-language cd's were missing.....damn..


most funny was the gig the day before PLASA..nearly missed the plane so i was stuck in the clothing which i was wearing for two days, soaked with sweat, beer and dirt...the roadies on the planed noticed and nod, the other people looked angry :-)

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I did a little party for my family I had my other scanners running, i went away to have something to eat and thought my my lights would by ok (my faithfull scatscans) as you can guess from the title i came back to find that one of the lights was of (thermal switch kicked in) went to see what it was and to my horror 8O discovered that the light was absolutely covered in moulten plastic the fan had broke and in the 20 mins i was gone the whole of the bottom (dmx iec and the controller lead) had just melted

gettin them fixed

the funniest thing that has happened to me


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