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Blackout and grandmaster safe

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Hi Folks, Its been a while and I hope you are all safe.


I wanted to know if there is a way to prevent the blackout and grandmaster from affecting specific channels?

Reason for this is...

I have some moving heads, powered by colour source dimmers. The dimmers are set to relay, so that they "turn on" when a fader on the FLX is above a specified threshold (10%). I have patched the relays to the FLX and changed the default intensity of those channels to 100%. This means the moving heads are powered whenever I turn on the FLX.  

Now I want to utilise the grand master / blackout functions, but obviously this falls below the relay threshold and the moving heads lose power. Is there a way to set a channel safe option, removing them from the blackout function?

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I am well thank you hope you are too.

As Jon says, if these channels are patched as relays rather than dimmers, they will not be affected by the Grand Master. To patch relays in ZerOS 7.9.8, tap Setup -> Add Fixtures -> Generic -> Non Dim, and then choose "Default On", so the relays are on whenever the console is.

An easy way to then switch the relays off, is to select your "Non Dim" patch group in the Fixture Schedule, tap "Change" and swap them to "Default Off".

Hope this helps,


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