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7.9.8 Keyboard shortcuts - nice but...

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Hi folks,

I've just installed 7.9.8 on our Solution XL - really pleased to see keyboard shortcuts make an appearance because I'm a command line sort of person when I'm programming (which does rather make having a Solution XL redundant, but other people seem to like faders, hey-ho).

Whilst I'm generally pretty happy - I can't help but think that the way that you've put thru on the main part of the keyboard (and needing a shift key, no less) is a little awkward.

I doubt there's anything that I can do about it personally so this is probably me begging you to sort it in a future version, but would it be possible to put it somewhere else? Could it not go on the / key on the numeric pad?

Thanks for looking - hope you can do something to make me happy!

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Hi Pritch,

Thanks for the comments. We had quite a few conversations about which key should be Thru.

The > symbol makes the most sense as being Thru, and has been the shortcut for Thru on ZerOS for many years. We therefore decided to leave Thru as > as this is what users will be used to, despite the fact you need to use Shift.

Forward slash (/) is used on FLX to allow you to define a Playback/Cue number, and so we couldn’t use / for Thru.

If you have any questions let us know.


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