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I thought the global value (per playback*) was the only one, plus the per cue option to not move on dark a certain attribute (for quiet scenes). Sometimes I would like a ‘quick’ MOD if I’m generally using a slow global value. 

* Thanks Edward for reminding me this is per playback not overall global!

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Hi Simon,

Hope you're well.

10 hours ago, SimonH said:

anyone tell me how to change the move on dark times for a cue that’s recorded? 

To change the Move On Dark timings for a playback, go into the Playback Settings by pressing and holding SETUP, and tapping the playback's button. Then choose the Move On Dark tab, and adjust the delay and fade time. Press OK on the Settings window, and you will see the new times displayed along the bottom of the playback status bar in the Cues window on the external monitor.

As @kgallen mentioned, Move On Dark timings are available for the whole playback, not individual cues. For individual cues, Don't Move flags are available in the Cue Settings.

10 hours ago, SimonH said:

I’ve altered the default but it hasn’t changed the existing cues. 

Editing defaults within Setup -> Defaults, will never affect existing cues. These defaults will be used by any future cues recorded.

Hope this helps,


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